About us

INDI Surfboards is located in Auroville, south India and started back in 2012 from nothing but a passion for surfing.

For many years prior, we were struggling to get surfboards, buying them off of travelers, fixing broken boards and sharing boards between us. In that period we gained extensive experience for fixing all kinds of dings and repairing broken boards until one day we thought:

Why not make our own?

That was the birth of INDI Surfboards and after extensive research we designed and built everything from scratch, from the shaping and glassing rooms to the purpose built lighting systems and even some specialty tools. We shaped and tested many boards before opening to the public and it was a long and winding road to arrive at the point where we are now. Over the last couple of years we have further expanded and improved our workshop, developed various construction methods and refined our shapes to such a degree that we can now proudly say INDI Surfboards are winning National and International surfing events under the feet of the most talented surfers in the country.


INDI Surfboards are completely handmade from start to finish in our very own facility and made exclusively using an EPS foam core which is odorless, non-toxic and 100% recyclable. Furthermore we work only with Epoxy Resin which is stronger and much less toxic than the traditionally used Polyester Resin.

Being a small surfboard manufacturer in India we don’t take any risks with our products or the environment, so we finish each board to the highest quality standards, using only the best, most Eco-friendly locally available materials.


We design each board model on a dedicated surfboard design software where we can tweak even the smallest of details accurately. The boards are then hand-shaped according to the numbers of this CAD generated plan to make sure you get exactly what you have in mind, without losing the soul and prestige of a handmade, personalized surfboard.

INDI Surfboards are laminated in-house under the label “Sticky Feet Laminators” to have further control over the quality and to fine-tune performance characteristics of our surfboards for advanced and professional athletes.

We do our own artwork including sprays, resin tints, hand-painted art and prints, but we also work with some extremely talented artists who can paint in stunning detail and style. Everything is customizable and we do our best to materialize your wishes and Ideas.



We are surfers.
We do this work first and foremost because it is our passion and all the people involved in our company are surfers too. This is why, when the waves are pumping, we may not be reachable…

“Live to surf, surf to live.”
Mike Doyle